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Dogs & Cats & Chairs & Sofas…

No more threads pulled on your gorgeous chair or sofa. Our pet-friendly protective coating behaves like an elastic and flexible barrier. This prevents pets’ nails from reaching the
core fabric and fraying the fibers.

Ask us to add it to your chair or sofa.


Worldwide Design Matching Service

Chair and sofa designers design their products to look good. Little thought is given to the support we need to keep our backs and spines in top condition. As each Back Shop chair or sofa is ‘made from the ground up’ by our frame and upholstery tradespeople, we can make you a chair or sofa that looks similar to your favourite worldwide designs, but that has Postureline™ or Spineline™ technology incorporated into the design.

Bring us a photo of your favourite chair or sofa and we will give you a quote for matching the design style, and we will also add in Postureline™ technology, to create a sofa that is both elegant and also fully supportive.