Children’s Backs

“Sit up straight!” How many times did you hear that in school or at the dinner table?

Great advice, but a very difficult position to maintain. Many generations of children have grown up attempting to sit in this way; usually failing badly. Have a look at how kids are sitting and you will see them either ‘slouching’ or sitting in ‘C’ shape (see other sections for info on dangerous ‘C’). Sitting these ways for long periods weakens their growing spines. They are beginning a lifetime bad habit and setting themselves up for back problems in later life.

Heavy school bags, long school days sitting down, evening study and electronic games are adversely affecting children’s spines, just when they need support to grow strong.

Sitting Happily!

Sitting in perfect posture with the whole spine supported, at least five degrees back from the vertical, will in 95% of cases result in pain free sitting for many hours at a time in school, at study and at play.

Posture can be helped by placing a cushion or support pad at the lumbar region of the back. Of course, to ensure the child is in perfect posture (‘S’ shape spine) for more of their schooldays; using one of our back support products or chairs is the perfect solution!


The Back Shop is working to help children form better habits and build healthy spines for life. A short e-booklet that explains the spine, how it works and how we can knock it out of action will soon be available. It will present a unique Back Shop perspective on getting through school days happily and healthily!